‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Sizes Up a ‘Game Changers’ Cast

What do we consider of a Survivor: Game Changers cast?

While some casting choices have fans a small baffled, horde Jeff Probst is fortifying a preference to pierce certain people behind for a all-star season.

“This is about people who competence have done a large confidant pierce like Tony [Vlachos] that says ‘Hey, everybody it was me,’ people who make unequivocally pointed moves like a [Jeff] Varner or maybe a Sandra [Diaz-Twine], people who done moves that worked, or people who done moves that were a disaster,” Jeff told EW. But it’s like Ciera Eastin said: ‘You’ve got to make moves in this game.’ And partial of this is apropos a self-fulfilling anticipation now. They are creation moves and we consider you’re going to see moves done in this game.”

Speaking about maybe a biggest head-scratcher, deteriorate 30′s Hali Ford, Jeff said, “Hali, to me, is a dim equine to win. we consider Hali has all we need to win this game. we consider she’s a good tyro of a game, unequivocally good with her words. Hali was labeled a No Collar and in some ways lived adult to it. She didn’t lift a trigger in ways that we consider she wishes she could, though she is positively a diversion changer and somebody that we consider if she can get out of a embankment and get past Sandra, and Cirie [Fields], and Varner — maybe some of a comparison propagandize players — we consider she will startle people with how she plays.”

Survivor: Game Changers premieres on Wednesday, Mar 8 on CBS.

In box we missed it, watch the latest promo!

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