Shailene Woodley Protested Alongside Malia Obama during Sundance

Shailene Woodley has been receiving lots of luminary support in her efforts to forestall a Dakota Access Pipeline though one believer in sold astounded her!

While during Sundance Film Festival, a 25-year-old singer helped lead a criticism opposite a tube and found out Malia Obama was there!

“One of my best friend’s name is Malia and some of my friends were like ‘Shailene, Malia is over there, we should go contend hi!’ And we was like ‘Yeah we know, I’ll speak to her in a minute.’ And they were like ‘No, it’s Malia Obama!” Shailene explained.

She added, “I suspicion it was unequivocally moving that no matter who we are, who your family is…it was neat to see her invested privately and alone from her family in these causes.”

Check out all that Shailene had to contend in a video below…

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