Emma Watson Reveals Belle’s Superpower in ‘Beauty & a Beast’

Emma Watson is opening adult about how she wanted to make certain she gave her Beauty and a Beast character, Belle, some critical care before similar to take on a role.

The 26-year-old singer common her thoughts in an talk with Entertainment Weekly for a Feb 24th/March 3rd 2017 emanate – aka a Beauty and a Beast preview issue.

Here’s what Emma had to share with a mag:

On Belle’s superpower: “What’s so pleasing about this story as a whole is this thought that Belle is means to see past these extraneous, external, extraneous qualities of Beast. She is means to see deeper, and that’s one of her special powers. It is her superpower: empathy.”

Also in a issue, Emma reveals what struggles she sees currently for women and girls, as good as a film that done her confirm to not quit acting. EW also looks into how a Beauty and a Beast pattern group crafted a Beast’s ballroom.

Check out Emma‘s cover below, and don’t skip a emanate when it hits newsstands tomorrow (February 17)!

For some-more from Emma, conduct to EntertainmentWeekly.com.

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